Animal Inside

 I am an animal..


But I have animal like instincts, we all have them but with the growth of civilization humans learnt to bury them deep and I guess that’s where we went wrong because we forgot to stay in tune with the nature. Animals stay in tune and so thrive with it. I agree that humans are of course different but we are not above nature. 

Accept it!
I realised this a long time back and brought my instincts up. I never showed them to anyone because I know not everyone can handle or accept me like that. I learned to control them inside me. 

I call myself a traveller but rarely do I go out because I want to do that inside myself and i do and am still learning it.

The animal inside me seeks freedom with every cell. It sometimes roars loudly but I hear a music, a beautiful one.  I want what I want and if I don’t get it, I feel like running away so far that I no longer have the longing left.

I feel love and bliss in my contemplations and  I want that feeling back when I am not an animal.

Love from anyone won’t help. It is like the animal inside me seeks it from specific people or a person and when I don’t get it, furious is the least of all expressions.I can’t force it I know but I can’t even wait for it. I won’t do anything crazy but a cold shoulder from me is not what anybody would want.

I am learning to feel unloved and isolated in the world because I guess that’s what is in my destiny and keeps me on my road. 

This animal is strange and doesn’t ask for revenge because I guess that’s what you call in tune with nature. You let go which is not meant for you. . .

Who You Are To Me

You are not just a day that goes by,

You are a complete book of emotions I write each time the clock strikes 12 twice.
You are not just the one I go for dinners,

You are the moments I store in heart to replay the nights that follow.
The holding hands is not just our fingers entwined,

Holding your hand means playing with the speed of my heart beats.
You are not just somebody I wait to see every day,

You are the coffee my lips need, a scene my eyes savour. A touch my skin wants.
In this lifetime of a turmoil and times of whirlpools,

You are the peace to my breath, that brings the calm in me.
You are the poem my hands write, you are the song that YOUR lips sang last night, the taste of the pasta your hands made, smell of you that I want to wear. You are more than just you.

Having a purpose is important!

Importance of having a purpose in life can be witnessed at the sunrise time.
It is tough to wake up on summer mornings, when its a weekend, and you are wrapped up under the sheets beneath an air conditioner that’s cooling at 20°C. These are the mornings when you end up waking no way before 8/9 am.
Switch to a day when everything remains the same, but you have a trip planned at 4 am. Or an intervew scheduled at a Fortune 500 at 8 am. A purpose to wake up and fight the mind out of its laziness. Its easier to wake, without feeling tired and staying fresh. That’s how important it is to have a purpose constantly, to keep our actions focussed and aligned with our goals.

Sci3nce and Superstitions.

Today I’m going to pen down my views on what stand does today’s generation hold for the old traditions and customs followed  from  an astrological point of view and label them as ‘ superstitious’.

I find such peculiar outlook more among two kinds of people, those who studied science for just a degree understanding nothing but how to make money out of it  and those who doesn’t matter studied what but trust science too blindly in the name of modernization or being in 21st Century!

If you begin researching about religion or how spirituality developed then you would find your ancestors on some hill top amazed to see the vast landscape, frightened at the sight of a Thunderbolt, mesmerized along the shores of mighty rivers and pondering about what happens after death!

They began worshipping them because they thought it was some incomprehensible invisible power or force or GOD as fondly we call it; responsible for all of that. Then came the time when we knew it was electrons protons behind that weapon of Zeus and cells wearing out for death that the concept of worship began fading in some more ‘scientific’ section of  our society.
We began to criticise the other half calling them superstitious but I see a startling difference between these two. The superstitious understand science at least try to, like me but the scientific ones are just too proud, not all!

Mind you scientific people that science has yet to unify the four fundamental forces of nature into one thread. Science has yet to understand the force behind good intentions and prayer that work wonders when you are stuck at solving equations.

Science has a long way to go I guess!
Our ancestors probably did not understand all that either but knew how to work through and with them. Probably they don’t know the mathematics governing the science of mantras but they knew how to use this science!

Just because all this doesn’t get explained by your current achievements, it is no pseudo science!

I read someone making a joke about being a ‘manglik” and she will not marry a tree.. well why?  Are you ashamed to call a deaf and dumb object of nature devoid of any movement as ur husband? Or Are you ashamed that you will be one out of 5 girls that will do so?

Astrology is also a science, if you can’t understand it then do not mock it too. You probably do not even know why Equinoxes and solstices happen but you will laugh when an astrologer will tell you that the position of Mars in your chart is going to create issues in your married life. And then start campaigns when he is giving you a solution too to nullify that.
Because you fear what you can’t understand and when you can handle that fear you begin to mock at it hiding your inability to explain.

People probably joke about dreams and their significance too but you might not be knowing that Freud and Jung spent considerable time of their loves documenting dreams, their meanings , science behind it and many other such superstitious acts.

They were not able to decode it but they were accepted that dreams are window for some higher knowledge beyond the grasp of current scientific domain!

Ps: I am an engineer not a psychologist or Humanities pupil😛